Another year

another year has passed.   When I started this last year I wanted to use this as a way to remember all the good bad or indifferent…   Just like every New Year resolution I start full steam ahead for the first month but it ends quickly.

I have to say 2014 was a good year for health, for the most part drama free.  I let go of old friends that just took way to much engery and brought to much drama.  I kept the ones that are most important to my everyday.  Most importantly my family….   We had a great year of travel, laughs and learning

so here is to another year of resolutions..


Happy Birthday Princess # 1

Yesterday we celebrated our oldest daughters 14th birthday.  I will call her Princess #1.  I was thinking back to the day I went into labor.   What a scary experience!  First time parents WOW!!!!     I remember that day like it was yesterday.   I remember not feeling well that night going to bed contractions coming and going no time pattern.   It was 2 weeks before my actual due date so we really were not thinking it was the day.   I remember calling my mom telling her I just was not feeling right and the contractions were coming and going……   My mom, first time Grandparent over the moon excited…  she insisted on having my dad bring her to our house just in case..   As soon as she walks through the door I am doubled over in pain.  Of course 100 questions….  How far apart, do you want something to drink, do you need to use the bathroom,  are you hungry, BLAH BLAH!!!!!   She keeps telling me go to sleep, go sit, come lay on the sofa…..   I remember just telling her JUST STOP!!!!    A few hours later of me pacing and my mom following me (my husband is sleeping) we realize the contractions are 5 minutes apart..   Oh the trip to the hospital……..

We are getting snow the roads are slick…  My husband is white knuckling driving.  Now 100 questions from him..  Are you ok… what can I do….  do you like this song….  How far apart are the contractions……  OMG just shut it and stop talking I can not hear your voice anymore…………..  

My Dad and brother make it to the hospital before we do.   We pull up my brother comes running out with a wheel chair.  My Dad jumps in the car to park it.   My husbands tries wheeling me into the hospital now slowly running BAM!!!  runs into the curb.  I just about fell out of the chair.  My brother now on his knees laughing,  It was like a scene from a movie……..
We have this beautiful Baby girl. She was just perfect.
The next morning NJ was hit with a surprise snow storm. My husband calls me to tell me he will be up as soon as he digs out. Hours go by….. I get a call from my neighbor. As our husbands were digging out my husband locks the keys in the car running.. Needless to say that was our start of parenthood.
Every year for the past 14 years it either snows or snow is on the ground.

Happy Birthday Princess #1.


2013 was a big year for me to evaluate friendships.  I had to take a long look at who and why is part of my life.  I think my inner voice always told me what it is suppose to be.  But of course my self doubt always made me think otherwise.  I have realized friendships should not take ANY work.  Why should it???   You should treat friends how you want to be treated.  Never have high expectations.  You can’t expect friends to treat you any different than the way you treat them.  So today and always I treasure and celebrate my friends that I truly consider family. 


Finding Nemo

This goes back to when my kids were 3 and 1 at the time. As soon as Finding Nemo was in the movies we had to take the kids this was there 1st movie. Of course they loved the movie. Who didn’t?? I had this great idea…….. We had to bring Nemo and Dori into our home. I already had the fish tank so my brother and I set it all up. I am not sure who was more excited my brother and I or the kids. I knew this from having fish tanks pre-kids it was going to be a lot of work but I didn’t care. This is what I really wanted.
We went through dozens of Nemo’s and others as well. If I found the fish dead I would just flush the fish before the kids would see it them replace them before they would even notice. Well one morning my oldest finds Nemo and he is not looking very well. As the day goes on he is swimming side ways. I know what is to come so I go to the fish store as they are napping so I can do ANOTHER switch. They are out of Clown fish! OH NO!! I don’t want to break their hearts so I tell them we have to take Nemo to the “fish doctor” We put Nemo in a container and all go to the fish store.
This stupid teenager is at the counter.. My 3-year-old is crying.. My 1-year-old is running all over the place…. I am thinking fast so I tell the stupid teenager. We need to drop Nemo off to the doctor and once he feels better we will come back and pick him up. The stupid teenager tips her head to the side with a blank stare and replies ” The Fish Doctor!?!?”
Me: YES THE FISH DOCTOR!! We will be back in a few days to pick him up. At this point she gets it. FINALLY!!!!
I go back a few days later and get another Nemo I tell the kids the doctor fixed him all up. ALL IS GOOD….
My 3-year-old says ” Mommy they changed Nemo’s strips!!!!!”

New Year

I have been wanting to start my blog for sometime. I set my account up sometime last year. So this so one of my New Year Resolution. So welcome to Wine and Forty….

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